Year: July 1999

It can get confusing, but LL Cool J was actually in both Deep Blue Sea and In Too Deep. Depth is clearly a recurring theme, and in the case of this song, he led a quixotic quest to be the "deepest," demanding constantly of the listener to "take it deeper."

It's important to consider LL's level of depth when one hears the lyric, "My hat is like a shark's fin," because otherwise it might be brushed off as just an insane thing to say. In its original context (1987's "I'm Bad") it makes sense ("MCs can't win, I make 'em rust like tin/They call me 'Jaws,' my hat is like a shark's fin"). But in this context, what can this cryptic poetry mean? He repeats the simile a total of 35 times in the song, so it must carry some ideological or ontological message, but what can it be? Perhaps the answer is hidden in the deepest, bluest corner of the sea. Or maybe we've gone in too deep trying to figure it out.