Azealia Banks had a spark when she started and now she’s mostly flamed out, known best for beefing on Twitter. Banks hit the scene with “212” (a song that, by the way, has 51 million views on YouTube) but hasn’t made anything worthy of it since. We suppose we all missed the message the video was trying to tell us when it kept focusing on her mouth.

Ever since she was ushered in by sites like Complex as well as The New York Times, Banks has proven to be an outspoken diva. She comes off like a stereotypical Uptown girl but she’s too well traveled, knows too much about the larger world. Yet, rather than being as refined as her tastes (props to her for being such a big Styles P fan) she’s ratchet on social media and seemingly gets in beef as often as Gucci Mane goes to jail. But anyone who grew up on a steady diet of rap knows that beef is what’s for dinner. It might be greasy and we’re not sure how long Azealia can keep serving it up before we get bored, but for now we’re going to keep ordering her Beef Lo Mein.

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