Album: We Are the Streets
Label: Ruff Ryders, Interscope
Producer: Swizz Beatz

Impossible to have a Swizz Beatz song that doesn't make us either want to "wild out" or self-inflict damage to our ear drum to make the audio assault stop. "Wild Out" is obviously the former. Sheek Louch comes through and cements his position as the best LOX member with a verse that talks about Looney Tunes characters for eight bars. He mentions the oft-forgotten Henery Hawk. What more proof is needed? Sheek Louch for president.

Swizz Beatz' usually annoying voice actually complements Styles P and Jadakiss' monotone delivery. And, in a rare moment of genius, Swizz' ad libs find the perfect balance between superfluous and "That'll do, Swizz. Seriously, that's enough. Please step away from the microphone." "Wild Out" is one of those rare tracks that makes you wish you were in jail, just so you could start a riot and break out in dramatic fashion.

This Song Also Makes Us Want To: Fashion a Shiv From a Bar of Soap and Shank Our Landlord When He Asks Why Our Rent Payment is Late