Album: N/A
Label: Tuff City
Producer: Mel Nelson

Let's be clear here. Jimmy Spicer hails from planet Rhyme-On, not planet Earth. Planet Rhyme-On is not to be confused with planet Rap-On, where Danny Renee is from. They have similar names, but are vastly different entities (like the Czech Republic and Chechnya) and you will get clapped quick if you confuse the two in the wrong company. During his 15-minute monologue, Jimmy raps about space, Dracula, Aladdin, Howard Cosell, Fred Flintstone, and more on his audio trek to find the most honeydipped of honeydips. The too-long-didn't-listen version of the song: "Jimmy Spicer does a bunch of stuff 'to the beat.'" Classic hip hop at its finest (and longest).

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