Date: 6/19/2004

When T.I. first started calling himself the King of the South around 2003, it seemed brashly premature. But this night in 2004, when he showed up Hot 107.9's annual Birthday Bash concert at Atlanta's Wifi Buys Amphitheater, was when his boast became a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Reports said Tip was in jail at the time, but he was actually on work release. Either way, he played it up by storming the stage in an orange jumpsuit. After he learned that his then rival Lil Flip, who'd questioned his kingly claims, was in attendance, T.I. invited him on stage. When Flip didn't show, Tip proceeded to son him in a freestyle saying, "What kind of nigga take a picture in a leprechaun suit with a lollipop chain and some leprechaun boots?" and "Being lame is a curse you can never undo."

Flip's career never recovered, while T.I. set off on a run of top-selling, critically acclaimed albums. Game over.