Date: 9/19/1996

This slept-on almost rap beef is classic ODB. At a 1996 show at Irving Plaza, the Roots, at the height of their run of incredible mid-to late '90s performances, invited a fresh-out-of-jail Big Baby Jesus onstage to perform some of his classics, including "Shimmy Shimmy Ya" and "Shame on a Nigga," with their backing. But ODB wasn't ready to get off the stage when the Roots wanted him to.

Swigging from two Moet bottles, he refused to give the mic back to Black Thought, and began cursing and shouting (in between hilariously giving the Roots props). The Roots tried to play him off Oscars-style, but he reportedly pulled the plug out of the keyboard.

A brief shoving match ensued between Black Thought and ODB before the latter jumped into the crowd and disappeared. Later on, backstage, as the Roots recalled on "The Juan Epstein Show," bottles were thrown and handguns were flashed. Amazingly, stories like this only make us miss Ol' Dirty even more.

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