Every Saturday, DAD looks at the best remixes from that past week, so needless to say, we love remixes. We won't say that we go hunting for remixes, but we do love the concept of taking a track and having it reimagined by a totally different producers. All of that on the table, we get tired of the thirst to remix tracks... especially tunes that have just came out. Or tracks that don't even need to be remixed. We're barely halfway into 2013, and we had to open a second email account just to house all of the remixes of Daft Punk, Rihanna, and James Blake that we've received so far.

We don't want to cloud the artistic freedom that producers have, but there comes a time when some tracks need to just be laid to rest. It's one thing to pick up a track that you love, for whatever reason, and throw your own vibes into a special remixed version of it. Trying to be the EDM 50 Cent by using your quick relick of another artist's song as a resume builder just isn't the move. There might be a thin line between homage and whoring, but these 15 songs should be considered taboo when it comes to remixing. At least for a little while.