When something is so close to perfect, any flaws can be a real show-stopper, much like a beautiful girl who just happens to have a third ear. Same thing applies to these 15 classic hip-hop albums, all of which contain one serious buzzkill track that temporarily ruins whatever mood the rest of the album had set.

Are over-zealous record label suits to blame for these musical missteps? Or perhaps, as when Icarus flew too close to the sun, it is an artist's pure self-regard and hubris? Maybe we should point the finger at cowardly weed carriers who don't have the balls to tell the bossman that they need to step it up? "Damn U-God, you killed that shit!" Whatever the reason, here are 15 Horrible Songs on Classic Rap Albums, the tracks somehow saved from the cutting room floor.

Written by Robbie Ettelson (@Unkut)

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