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I would be a moron if I thought I could thoroughly explain the origins of the term "turn up." What I do know is that it's an order. A directive from someone who knows better than you. And they are demanding that you go nuts. You only had a couple drinks. You are casually dancing with a lady. And you're at a lounge. If someone tells you to turn up, you immediately grab your girl, go to the wildest club in town, order a bottle, and wyle out. Turning up is increasing the amplitude on life, and it is a mantra for some.

"Turn Up" has also been the cry from rappers and residents in the South for quite some time. And as trap music exploded, I couldn't help but notice the influx of tracks with some variation of "turn up" in the title, but be warned: If you make a track with a name that has any variation of "turn up," it better be the best record you ever produced, because while this would seem like the perfect gimmick, I doubt anyone noticed that there were nine other producers doing the same exact thing. And all of these records are insane. This is the comprehensive list of songs that give you an excuse to act like a goddamn fool. TURN UP!