Label: High Powered Entertainment
Killer Cuts: "Hennessy," "Dungeon," "Superbad"
See Also: 3X Krazy Stackin Chips

You've heard one of the members of this group before, and U.O.E.N.O. it. Remember Baby Bash? That's right, the guy behind certified pop-rap classics "Suga Suga" and "Baby, I'm Back" with Akon. Well, before he was the smooth slick super-saucy pop rapper, Baby Bash was Baby Beesh, and he was one-half of Potna Deuce, a Vallejo-based rap group that dropped some incredibly dope, and incredibly-90s-sounding West Coast hip-hop. Their first record, Welcome 2 da Tilt, is worth the price of admission for shout-rap banger "That's My Potna," as well as a smooth little number about having a really cool girlfriend called "Cool Thang."

The duo's second record, Heron Soup, fully embraced the Bay Area's mob sound, with its bass-heavy post-g-funk beats. It's a more consistent record than the group's debut (although beware its chopped-up rerelease with the repulsive date rape anthem "X-Ta-C"). Full of bass-heavy funk tracks and strong interplay between the two rappers, it is a party record nonpareil, and offers exactly zero hints of Baby Beesh's musical future.