Twitter: @KabThaDon

Pros: Is built like a fucking Buick with arms and legs, which is important if you're going to a gangster rapper.

Cons: Will occasionally get swallowed up for a month or few by various correctional facilities.

Essential Listening: Bully on the Beat

Kab Tha Don was hand carved by God to play the role of southern rap tough guy. He is big and intimidating. He has a mouth full of gold teeth. He yells a large majority of what he raps. And his flow has built in moments of silence that punctuate each bar that, in concert, allows for the crowd to respond to with that big, beautiful, exciting HUHHHH! sound.

Scene: Kab: [Rapping] "Still tippin', I'm addicted to medicine/Forgot what I was sipping 'cuz I didn't check the measurement!" Crowd: HUHHHH! Kab: [Rapping] "I keep the snub [nosed shotgun], it don't leave evidence/Pistol grip, with a scope, that shit look decorative!" Crowd: HUHHHH!

It can't be overstated how much fun it is to engage in that as part of the crowd. And it can't be overstated how impressive it is for someone to be able to materialize that sort of moment out of empty air.