Twitter: @doughbeezy

Pros: Affable, clever, thoroughly marketable.

Cons: He gets a haircut every single day. That's probably bad somehow.

Essential Listening: Blue Magic

Nobody in Houston has shown a better understanding that it takes more than just rapping to be a rapper than Doughbeezy, which is why few have been able to match his pace since he emerged in 2011. He has garnered a greater buzz than just about everybody in Houston not named Kirko Bangz since that time.

He is unstoppably charming and devastatingly talented, and is at his very best when he culls the entirety of his character into dynamic light speed bursts of lyricism. A few months before his first proper mixtape came out, he performed at an open mic rap battle event. There were hundreds of people there, most of whom were other aspiring rappers and aspiring rapper hangers-on, and he managed to make it to the final rap battle against two or three other guys.