Young Guru is well-known in the hip-hop industry for his award-winning work as the engineer for Jay-Z and many others. He has also established himself as a DJ, known for playing exclusive material during his sets, and for being a teacher.

Tonight, he has tweeted that during his current trip to Washington D.C., his bag was stolen out of the car he was in. The bag appears to have contained Guru's most prized possession, his computer. The engineer is desperately looking to get this laptop back, regardless of what condition it may be in.

At this point, it is unclear what the contents of this computer are. While it is likely that Guru keeps most of his engineering sessions and unreleased material on a separate hard drive or possibly another computer, Guru told us last year that he is the one whom Hov entrusts with all of his music. As Guru put it, "If it leaks, it’s on me." It remains to be seen what will happen as a result of this computer getting in the hands of someone else.

This is clearly a developing story. More updates to come.

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