The visuals have arrived for Snoop Lion's "No Guns Allowed" featuring Drake and Snoop's daughter, Cori B. The video is heavy and flashes between news clips from mass shootings and images of young children. Snoop rhymes in black-and-white visuals making the video much more striking when contrasted with news segments.

Drake hops on to rap about tragedies in Toronto—shouting out the 416 area code and dedicating his verse to Shyanne Charles and Joshua Yasay, the victims of a shooting at a Toronto block party back in July.

In a clip from Reincarnated, Snoop says "No Guns Allowed," and the feature from his daughter Cori B. was his own way of setting things right after putting his family in danger in the past. to set things right after putting his family in danger during some of his darker periods.

The film, Reincarnated, drops on iTunes on Apr. 16, and his album of the same name premieres on Apr. 23. 

[via Noisey]