Last night on American Idol, Drake made a surprise appearance. He came by to say hello to contestant Candice Glover, who had covered his hit "Find Your Love" on the previous episode. 

Candice first meet Drake last year and promised to cover on his songs if she made it on Idol. Although she fulfilled her promise, the judges didn't really like her performance. However, Nicki Minaj said she'd ask Drake what he thought of her cover and bam, he appeared on stage.

Drake told Candice, "I almost wish you were there in the studio creating it with me, I feel like we could have brought it to life together." 

Sorry but that just reminds us of the time Drake said, "Lately I do bitches the meanest/Tell 'em I love 'em and don’t ever mean it."

Hopefully Drake's cameo can help with Idol's struggling ratings.

[via MTVRapFix]

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