The Roots are known for their knack for picking some incredible intro music for the guests on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon. ?uestlove tends to know what he is doing, often using a quirky inside joke in the song selection.

So when Bill Cosby appeared on the show several days ago, the band decided to play "Sponji Reggae," a song that appeared during an episode of The Cosby Show. While Cosby did not catch that reference right away, he did have a blast dancing along to the song, strutting up and down stairs and getting face-to-face with Black Thought, who did an impressive job singing the tune, accent and all. Fallon certainly tried his hardest to keep up, too.

Following some discussion about getting old, Cosby then gets some musical accompaniment from The Roots as he walks across the stage to his seat.

Hopefully more hijinks such as this will continue to take place once Fallon steps into Jay Leno's time slot in 2014.

[via 2dopeboyz]