The top comment on this video right now is "this song really sends a great, heartfelt message." Wiz Khalifa's new video with his "bro-bro" Problem and Iamsu! sounds like something his young son Sebastian will be able to sing along to, especially once he hits the terrible twos.

The O.N.I.F.C. cut "Bout Me" is certainly self-centered, then again you would be to if, like Wiz, you spent "100K on a bad day." Second up to bat, Problem makes sure to let you know when half of his verse is over, then dives into the second half like so: "That's 8, I got 8 more." Then the closer, Iamsu!, lets you know that he treats " like the SWAP meet" — word to Macklemore.

In any case, the song celebrates the American Dream — this is clearly what the founders of our nation had envisioned, but maybe they had also just "smoked 100 joints to the face."

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