Immediately in the wake of VICE's partnership with HBO, they're at it again with yet another stab at world domination. VICE, a news website that you might know better for it's music property Noisey or their Collaborator's Project video releases featuring Daft Punk's upcoming partners in crime, is putting their hat into the EDM ring with their new channel by going shoulder to shoulder with content providers linke, PotatoWillEatYou, and

In a strategic partnership with Recreation Worldwide, a creative agency founded by top industry veterans from AM Only and Complete Control Management, THUMP boasts exclusive access to the most important artists and trends at the forefront of electronic dance music, and leverages VICE’s established global audience, expertise in online video, and family of top-ranking YouTube channels.

While THUMP has just launched and the OneBeat app hits X-Box Live at the end of May, we're still waiting to see which channel gives the best insight into the EDM scene and we've got our money on any of the above listed channels.

We'll update you after the launch party, but if you've caught any of the HBO episodes thusfar, or watched any of their epic documentaries to pass the hours at your shitty job, then you know that the storytellers at VICE know what they're doing, and that this channel is in good hands.