Well here's something to make you believe in humanity again: While one subway performer played the saxophone and annoyed everyone who wore headphones for the specific reason of drowning out invasive noise, another saxophone player decided it might be good fun to get in on the action. The result was an impromptu sax battle on a NYC subway car between two musicians that seemed to captivate the passengers.

While these things may happen in the streets of New Orleans every day, this video takes place in NYC. The city where rats crawl up your face after you fall asleep on the train and your fellow passengers decide it's a good time to pull out the old camera phone instead of like, you know, shooing the rat away for you. Yeah, that city. 

So, our cynical selves tend to doubt such awesome things can happen, but want to be believers until we inevitably get burned. Either way, if that saxophone related video doesn't cheer you up, try this one. Now that's good sax-a-mo-phone playing!

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