Fail Occurred: 2/26/2007

When Timbaland released his single "Give It 2 Me," he enlisted the help of Justin Timberlake and Nelly Furtado. The premise? The three each dissed their most prominent "haters," with Timbaland sending veiled shots at Scott Storch. Well, maybe not-so-veiled: "I'm a producer, you just a piano man." The normally low-profile, non-rappin' Storch didn't appreciate the shout-out, and recorded his own song, "Built Like That." It's three minutes of (terrible) cocaine raps, though not because he sounds like Young Jeezy or the Clipse; more for the fact that he was abusing cocaine at the time. And the video? Wow. Let's just say that Scott is better when he's sitting behind a piano.