Fail Occurred: 12/26/1993

Leading up to that fateful night in January of 1992, KRS-One was experiencing a bit of a backlash. Ice Cube had dissed his positivity. X-Clan had chided him for supposedly selling out. It was at this moment that Prince Be of P.M. Dawn-a hip-hop/R&B duo known for soft hits and wet whispers-told Details Magazine, "KRS-One wants to be a teacher, but a teacher of what?" Wrong move, friendo. A week later, during an MTV-filmed show at NYC's Sound Factory, PM Dawn found themselves on the wrong side of KRS-One's Boogie Down Productions crew. In what was originally intended by BDP to be an impromptu battle of mics turned into a melee, with P.M. Dawn literally being thrown offstage. To cap it all off, KRS-One snatched the mic and performed "I'm Still #1" to a riotous crowd. "I answered his question," KRS-One later told USA Today. "I'm a teacher of respect."