Fail Occurred: 1992

Main Source was about as much of a group as the Cavaliers are a team. That is, there was only one guy putting any points on the board, and no one really knew what the fuck the other guys were doing. Large Professor was making all the beats and writing/performing all the raps on their classic debut Breaking Atoms. So what were literal, not figurative, brothers Sir Scratch and K-Cut doing? Um...wowing the world with their renowned Canadian dual DJ sets? Right. So it would make total sense that their Mom-ager, who oversaw the group's finances, would screw Extra P out of paper and force the group's only talent to look at the front door, right? The non-rapping, non-producing DJs, who kept the Main Source name, went on to recruit New Music Seminar phenom Mikey D and make one of the worst sophomore albums ever before receding back to the frozen fortress of solitude that is Canada. Apparently, Professor is not the word to play.