Fail Occurred: 11/2002

50 said it best: "When you try to destroy a career that doesn't exist, you create one." Ja was a pill-popping pop star, and 50 was the underground hero who had just signed with Dr. Dre and Eminem. With no buzz for Ja's latest turd, The Last Temptation, Murder Inc. decided to focus the album's promotional campaign on their simmering beef with the up-and-coming neighborhood foe.

Their silver bullet? An obscure little police document called an "Order of Protection," which is sorta like a restraining order (but not really) that was automatically filed by the department in 50's name after being attacked by Inc. weed carrier Black Child. The implication? 50 was a cop-lovin' fraidy-cat, and the I-N-C IS THE REALEST BAYBEEEEE! Each day Ja and Irv would talk to the radio about the Order of Protection, 50 would call in the next day to respond, thus building his fan base across the country and leading to Ja's crushing defeat. "They spend their whole time on air talking about 50," Eminem famously told XXL in 2003. "Do I owe them money for that?"