Fail Occurred: 11/28/1994

Long before Jay would put Prodigy up on that Summer Jam screen, Oakland rappers Saafir and the Hobo Junction similarly emasculated Hieroglyphics crew members Souls of Mischief and (former friend) Casual in a storied freestyle battle on Sway & Tech's Wake Up Show. During the hour-long melee, in which Saafir was accused of using writtens, he thoroughly pulled the Souls' members cards, exposing their upper-middle class roots and friendships with "Buffy and Brad." While the battle itself didn't end any careers, it did seem to send Souls of Mischief into a creative spiral. The foursome struggled to assert their "street" cred on their soon-to-come sophomore LP, No Man's Land, opting for heavier Bay accents, regional production, and harder subject matter. Unfortunately... (*wait for it*) That's when ya lost!