Album: Do You (12")

Nowadays most rappers don't show up on reality shows until their career is in its twilight, but back in 1992, when Heather B appeared on the first season of MTV's The Real World, she was still on the verge of her big break. The New Jersey born rapper has a voice like a cannon, blasting her battle tested lyrics with such force that she won maximum respect from hip-hop heavyweights like KRS-One, Pete Rock, and DJ Premier. Her debut album, Takin' Mine, was released on Pendulum Records and included the successful anti-violence single "All Glocks Down."

After that, she moved to MCA, where she dropped "Do You," a fierce statement of independence that blasts "bitches [who] backstab with no remorse." Trust and believe that Heather B is not having it. "I spits pure fire, I burn the finest of designs/Heather B that MC that runs up on 'em from behind." —Rob Kenner

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