Album: Broken Silence

It didn't break the Hot 100, but it threatened to break your neck. Foxy Brown's "BK Anthem" is a patriotic track in which she pays homage to the Notorious B.I.G., Jay-Z, and the streets that raised her: "I told y'all that my borough is thoro/I know n****s that'll clap you up and bury the metal/Same day, still in the hood and so ghetto/Brook-non, holla back, get your crook on." Not just a hometown hymn, "BK Anthem" gave Foxy a platform to show her rugged side and let her toughness be the sex appeal. Even in the music video, which is shot in the style of a camcorder, Foxy sits on a stoop in a baggy tracksuit and wears an oversized parka as she raps in front of a Biggie mural, proving that women don't have to be sensationally sexual to draw attention. —Alysa Lechner.