For the past three decades, music videos have given artists a platform to show off their looks, their skills—and all of their celebrity friends and colleagues. Especially that last part. There are so many visuals loaded with famous cameos, from A-List actors down to flash-in-the-pan sensations. 

What makes a great celebrity cameo? When you catch yourself scrolling back to watch a two-second appearance over and over, you know that you've found one. There are longer cameos, of course, with celebrities taking over the lead role from the artist. Either way, they make for some of the most memorable moments in music video history.

From Enrique Inglesias' sexcapades with ladies like Jennifer Love Hewitt to the star-studded cast of Michael Jackson's "Liberian Girl" and Ben Stiller's infamous scene in Diddy's "Bad Boy For Life," here are The 50 Best Celebrity Music Video Cameos, all in easily digestible GIF form.

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