Notable Events:
- Jay-Z's "Can I Get A... (feat. Amil and Ja Rule)" is released on 9/1/1998
- Canibus' Can-I-Bus is released on 9/8/1998
- Noreaga's "Superthug" is released on 9/21/1998
- OutKast's Aquemini is released on 9/29/1998
- Jay-Z's Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life is released on 9/29/1998
- A Tribe Called Quest's The Love Movement is released on 9/29/1998
- Brand Nubian's Foundation is released on 9/29/1998 
- Eminem's "Just Don't Give A Fuck" music video drops

September 1998 was a month for the beginning of legacies. The world was just starting to realize the potential of the Internet when two already well-accomplished PhDs named Sergey Brin and Larry Page planted the humble roots of their little online startup, Google. Who would've known it would turn out to be the behemoth it is today? They weren't the only ones. 

Take for example OutKast's third album, Aquemini which The Source deemed worthy of their (once-coveted) Five Mic review. It wasn't just a hit in its own right, it affirmed the M.O. of OutKast—to zig when everyone else zagged—that would produce an even further-left-of-center album in Stankonia two years later. As for those zags? Jay-Z dropped his seminal Vol. 2... Hard Knock Life, flipping hooks out of everything from Annie to Swizz Beats dragging his hand across a keyboard. Speaking of production: Noreaga's "Superthug" dropped, sure, but it was that crazy beat by those Neptunes kids that seemed to catch everyone's attention. LL Cool J beef-famous rapper Canibus would drop his highly anticipated eponymous debut album, but years later—when people are still thirsting for another OutKast album, and when Jay-Z became the owner of more than just a three-volume music franchise—he's still remembered mostly for that beef. If you don't quite remember it, well, please, let us Google that for you. And of course, for A Tribe Called Quest, it was the end, as they dropped their final album, The Love Movement.Foster Kamer