Funkiest Jam: Robin Thicke "I Need Love"

Your typical 16-year-old boy is preoccupied with boobies, sports, video games and getting his first job. Robin Thicke was not your typical 16-year-old boy. By 16, he had already written and produced songs for artists like Brandy, Color Me Badd, and Brian McKnight. Crazy, right? Well, his work ethic and success didn't stagnate after puberty. Over the next five years he amassed over 20 gold and platinum albums by writing and producing songs for Marc Anthony, Pink, Christina Aguilera and Michael Jackson (!). All that before he was able to drink legally.

Known by some as "Diet Timberlake," Robin Thicke hasn't had the same wild success as his blue-eyed soul counterpart, but he's still produced a stellar platinum-selling discography that's dripping with soul, sex and R&B. Racking up VH1 Soul/VIBE awards and nominations from BET and Soul Train for Best Male R&B Artist, Thicke's talent is undeniable. And if you throw on Sex Therapy, best believe somebody is getting pregnant. Plus, his dad is Alan Thicke, who just happened to write the original theme song for Wheel of Fortune. Timberlake's dad, Randall, hasn't done anything near that cool.