Best Songs: "My Entourage," "Go 2 War," "Buck Em"

You can chalk it up to time, the nature of life, or perhaps even a curse, but a vast majority of the roster from No Limit’s heydey wound up dead or in jail. One of those fallen soldiers is Big Ed, who succumbed to throat cancer in 2001. Ed joined P’s ranks in 1992, while No Limit was only a dream and a record store in Richmond, California. Ed was an original member of the No Limit supergroup TRU, and contributed to a majority of the early NL releases.

Big Ed stuck it out with Master P, and even relocated to New Orleans when the label left Richmond; Ed was the only Cali artist from TRU who remained with No Limit. He finally saw his solo album released in 1998 after years of teasing in album inserts. The album featured a slew of bangers, and included stellar production from the Beats By The Pound fold.

Ed would leave No Limit in 2000 to start his own label, Special Forces Records, where he released one more album prior to his death.