"Damn, life's so short/
Fuck, I don't wanna go to court/
Fuck it, got a budget for the lawyer, though/
Fuck it, I’m on the run for the month/
I’m in the bucket, paid 200 for it/
My lil niggas thuggin’, even got me paranoid/
I’m gettin' money, that's in any nigga category/
Double M, I got Gs out in California"

Rick Ross may not have snapped on "Stay Schemin'" like Toronto's very own did, but his blunt rhymes were still a testament to his tenacious spirit. Over anxious drum whops and a pulsating synth, his verse serves as a cautious decree from the streets, though it's clear the MMG head honcho is at the point of no return. Hey, even the untouchable get paranoid at times. —Edwin Ortiz