"And to the radio stations, I'm tired of being patient/
Stop being rapper racists, region-haters/
Spectators, dictators, behind door dick-takers/
It's outrageous, you don't know how sick you make us/
I want to throw it up like chips in Vegas/
But this is Southern, face it/
If we too simple, then y'all don't get the basics"

Lil Wayne was on the cusp of commercial greatness during the second installment of his Carter series, but his adoration for FM broadcasting at the time was stymied by what he felt was a lack of Southern tunes. Weezy took them to task for their cold shoulder design on the appropriately-titled "Shooter," weaving expletives and similes on his second verse to justify his frustration. Radio has since softened up to the South, with Wayne being an obvious benefactor. My, how times have changed. —Edwin Ortiz