"Xxplosive, West coast shit/
My niggerish ways attract girls that used to turn they back/
Causing me to yank they arm and pose like I would do them harm/
Now I'm saying thank you cause they tell me my shit's the bomb/
For my niggas drinking Cognac, smoking weed, always pack/
More than one firearm, chrome rims, riding on/
Chronic in your system, let me know my shit's the bomb"

Though Hittman's voluminous inclusion on 2001 was mainly a hit or miss affair, his opening contribution to the hazy jaunt "Xxplosive" was undoubtedly a brief stroke of success. Feeding off the thick drums and a hypnotizing guitar lick, the West Coast representer followed suit with a spirited verse that detailed his thuggish principles. Brash yet magnetic, Hittman sufficiently set the tone for what transpires on the rest of the record. Had he delivered similar results throughout the album, fans would have been less inclined to second-guess Dr. Dre's guest selection. —Edwin Ortiz