Twitter Handle: @NICKIMINAJ
Twitter Followers: 16,237,005
Facebook Likes: 29,419,864
Fan Base Nickname: Barbz
Best Fan Account: @NickiMinajOrg
Craziest Fan Moment: On Valentine's Day this year, the Barbz and Kenz stripped down to show their loyalty to Nicki and tweeted photos of themselves to her.
Sample Tweet:

The infamous Barbz are unlike any other artist's fan base. They've been with Nicki for the entire ride—mixtape Minaj, to pop, to American Idol, to her perfume. She's taken them on a crazy adventure, but never lets them down. You go after Nicki and you've got yourself a real problem because the Barbz and Kenz do not play around. Nicki's as loyal to her fans as they are to her, and it makes their interactions extremely genuine on Twitter, in person, and on tour.