There are certain groups of fans that you don't mess with. Go after Taylor Swift? You're answering to the Swifties. Think Nicki Minaj is too pop these days? Take it up with the Barbz. You don't like Beyoncé's last single, "Bow Down?" The BeyHive will annihilate you.

These fans will flood your mentions, rep their idols, and won't stop until they get what they want. Thanks to Twitter and Facebook, artists have more opportunity to interact with fans and hear what their dedicated listeners really think. The entire dynamic of fan engagement has shifted in this new era.

When an artist like Rihanna has double the Likes of the President of the United States, it's apparent that these admirers are more powerful than we could have ever imagined. We're taking a look at which group goes the hardest. These are The 15 Most Die Hard Online Fan Bases in Music.

Written by Lauren Nostro (@LAURENcynthia)

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