Determining who and what is underrated in this day and age can be tough. It's one thing to say "there's a bunch of people who should truly be into this," but there are times where a particular artist, song, or mix are out there, but for whatever reason aren't in the collective discussion. Output that is of just as high a quality, and being pushed by major outlets, but are slept-on. That's how DAD attacked this list.

Here you will find artists who have had tracks released by A-Trak, have performed on SiriusXM, and have produced with Tiesto. Producers with albums under their belts and solid Internets followings. Some might be on the come up, while others are in their own lane, marching to their own drum. Wherever their place in the grand scheme of things, these are the 10 producers that DAD feels you need to be speaking more about in 2013.