Where: New York, NY

Now, we know what you're thinking: That old joint? That 126-year-old joint? Yes, that one. We already told you about the madness that is Alex English's Girls & Boys night, but that's not even all of it. From Modestep on a Wednesday night or the weekly '80s Night on Sundays, Webster is not going to be tied down or pigeonholed. At many of the country's top clubs, the regular move is sticking to one style. And while we don't fault those clubs for rocking to what they know best, variety is the spice of life. Webster brings exactly that. Just last month, for example, Webster's downstairs area/tattoo parlor known as The Studio brought out band Fall Out Boy to play to a soldout crowd before morphing into the weekly BASSment Saturdays, one of the finest bass-centric nights in the tri-state area. Just upstairs from there are multiple bars and dancefloors, and of course the in-house gourmet pizza. With a lax, music-first attitude, no one goes to Webster Hall to keep up appearances, only to rave and jam out.


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