Texas high school student Kyron Birdine was recently suspended after writing YOLO on the essay portion of a state-mandated standardized test and then tweeting out a photo of his mockery.

As much as we'd like to take Mr. Birdline to task for listening to Drake and not taking his studies seriously, we're actually not that mad at him. Not because he used YOLO (usually the worst defense to do anything) but because of what he wrote before it, "I have TAKS to study for."

TAKS is the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills test—a test which Mr. Birdline will actually get a grade for. But that's not that test Birdline was taking. He was taking the State of Texas Assessments of Academic Readiness (STAAR), a test that's yet to be fully implemented—which is why Birdline won't be getting a grade for it nor will it be sent to any possible colleges. 

In other words, Birdline's taunt was a quiet form of protest, which would help explain why he didn't just write it, but made sure to forward the tweets to school district officials and the Texas Education Agency.

For his efforts, Birdline received a four-day on-campus suspension.

Still, we get the feeling he's got no regrets. 

"Anyone taking the staar test just write YOLO on it," Birdline tweeted, "and hash tag #FreeKyron."


[via Gawker]