Leave it to RiFF RAFF to cover ACCLAIM Magazine's 'The Authenticity Issue,' because, let's face it—he keeps it real.

In the interview, RiFF RAFF talks about being James Franco's muse for his role in Spring Breakers, what he thought of the movie, and what authenticity means to him. He's also planning to release a book of Harmony Korine's interpretations of RiFF RAFF's tweets. You know you'd want to read that.

Here's what he had to say:

On Spring Breakers:

“Yeah—I saw a lot of [Spring Breakers]. He did good. I mean, you got James Franco playing you… damn, that’s a legendary move. I’m a new artist and you’ve got someone already making a movie and stuff. That’s like…come on—how would you feel if Denzel Washington played you? Obviously it’s gonna be the best movie of the year.”

On Harmony Korine's interpretation of his tweets:

“The thing about the book that’s good is that it grabs people who think ‘I’m interested to see what Harmony Korine would say about this’. I might get other people, celebrities, to get involved in this and give their opinion. And then you have the person buying the book, and they have their opinions too.”

You can read the full cover story here and check out video footage from the interview below:=


Also, check out more on Spring Breakers on Complex TV's The Lego Stories below.

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