When the music is pounding and the dance floor is jumping—be it at the club, festival, or rave—you never want to be "that guy." You know who we're talking about. "That guy" has many incarnations, none of which you want to take on as the night is raging. These include:
That guy who totally overdoes it with the glow sticks: Yeah, we get it, dude. You're glowing in the dark. But the neon tongue ring is totally being drowned out by the neon necklaces, nose stud, earrings, headband, anklets, glasses and...well, you get the picture. For a change of pace, why not add MiO Energy to your water to make your insides feel radiant instead? Glow not from without, but from within.
That guy who screams along unnecessarily to the song: Hey, who sings this song? ...Cool, let's keep it that way. BURN! But seriously, we came here to hear the music, not you, big boy.
That guy who's fast asleep at a table: Looks like someone has lost his edge. Somebody get this dude an agua with MiO Energy—the EDM lover's portable power on demand. MiO Energy gives you the endurance you need to keep it bumping until long after the music stops.
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