We're really not sure how to feel about Florida Senator (and potential GOP presidential candidate) Marco Rubio. On the one hand, we can't front because it's dope to see guys like Wiz Khalifa and Jay-Z quoted on the senate floor and that just wouldn't have happened without Rubio.

On the other hand, we have a sneaking suspicion it's all just a clever ruse to lure young voters and show how "hip" he is. And either way, whenever we see him all we think about is how real his thirst is.

In yet another thirsty moment, Rubio tweeted at Jay-Z yesterday about Hov's recent trip to Cuba with Beyoncé. The trip has become a source of controversy after two GOP members of congress called out Hov and Bey (watch the video above for details) for visiting the communist country. 

Here's Rubio's tweet:

We kind of want to side with Rubio, but we can't help but think he saw this as another golden opportunity to flex his rap cred and score some GOP brownie points. So sorry Mr. Rubio, we don't believe you, you need more people.

[via RapRadar]