Last week, Chrissy Murderbot's DAD mix dropped and featured a bombastic banger from the one like Mr. Mitch, "On The Blob." This is one warped house tune, and while we noted that it was forthcoming on Hot Mom, we had no idea when. We won't say we willed it to happen, but now the full single is up for preview, and the flipside, "Milo," is a great accent. It's on that 4x4 kick, with a lonely guitar riding atop like a solo cowboy riding his trusty steed during a calm, cool night in the wild. We're not sure if Mitch is dipping into this style more than his regular grime tunes,but we dig the direction, as it lets us know that he's barely scratched the surface.

This single will be released on Earth Day 2013 (April 22), but you can pre-order it today.