Date: 3/10/2011

The history of Drake and The Weeknd's friendship is cryptic, complicated, and long, but back in 2011, Drake started Tweeting lyrics from House of Balloons. Like this:

In the following weeks, Miss Info confirmed that Drizzy and Noah “40” Shebib were down with The Weeknd, and were responsible for mentoring the Toronto native. On The Weeknd's second mixtape Thursday, Drake was featured on "The Zone" and in return, The Weeknd hopped on Drake's "Crew Love" off Take Care. Drake brought The Weeknd out at numerous events, and played a hand in the beginning of his career. Rumors have swirled around their supposed deteriorating friendship, mainly after The Weeknd signed to Republic Records instead of OVO. But Drake's imprint on the fellow Toronto native's career will never go unnoticed.