Raphael Saadiq seems to have a personal stake in the success of this new R&B kid, Adrian Marcel, so much so that he introduces the mixtape, 7 Days Of Weak, with fatherly advice from a music veteran to a newcomer on the grind. Perhaps Raphael sees a bit of what he wants the future of R&B to look like in Adrian, and he is prepared to pass the torch.

This is what Saadiq had to say about his fellow Oakland native: 

"This cat's just really good. He's about his work. So I'm presenting it to you to let you know it's real."

And this is what he had to say about his protégé's tape:

"It has great 808's. It's banging in your car. You can make love to it, you can drink to it."

If you are one of the niche billions of people that either drink or make love, check it out below:

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