Lupe Fiasco's latest on-stage incident involves glow sticks and martial arts cred. While performing at the University of Cincinnati, an attendee decided to throw a glow stick at Lupe's head. He stopped the music and kindly reminded the audience that he doesn't play that:

“Listen, hold up two seconds we’ll get back to the show, listen. I know you a jerk and that’s cool. I know that you came hear and you thought that I’ma get some shine real quick and throw some shit at Lupe and hit him in the face. But, let me remind you of something, okay? Hold on ya’ll, just hold on we gonna get back to the show, we gonna get to "Kick, Push"...You see this waist? This waist right here? There used to be four black belts around this waist

So listen. Everybody that wanna throw some shit, kindly step over to the side of the stage, and I’ll give you five minutes of fame here.

Then he transitioned into "Kick, Push," and suddenly, everything was all right again.

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[via DDotOmen]