When joining the few, the proud, the self-producers in rap, Kid Cudi had to draw inspiration from the best. After calling Indicud his Chronic 2001, Cudder goes on to reveal his four favorite producers with the L.A. Leakers.

"My favorite producers are as follows: Dr. Dre, Swizz Beatz, Timbaland, Kanye West."

He then makes sure to mention his family from the beginning, Plain Pat and Emile, calling them "genius" and giving them credit for seeing what Cudi could be before he did himself. 

Cudi also discusses some of the details of his own production process, calling it "meticulous" and "strategic." For example, he wanted to recreate the Timbo technique of switching the beat up at the end of a song, but through his own re-imagination. Cudi is open to the help of others and seems to be very excited about taking hints from the legends in the game. Seems like the right approach for the budding rapper turned producer.