Diplo was speaking about social media at the IMS Engage conference the other day and took some shots at DJ BL3ND, accusing him of fraudulently inflating his Facebook and Twitter stats.

BL3ND's manager, Steven Haddad, didn't take too kindly the accusations and proceeded to list off his artist's accomplishments during a Q&A session with Diplo after the panel. Then Mad Decent co-founder Kevin Kusatsu yelled "Shut up" from the back of the room, and things got tense.

Kusatsu and Haddad spoke after the Q&A, and what began as a civil conversation eventually escalated to this:


Yes, these dudes were brawling—which is awesome, if you ask us. Rappers fighting is so last decade. Clearly, Mad Decent is trying to usher in a new era of gangster. If Baauer jumps into the crowd and starts pummeling some hater at his next gig, don't say we didn't warn you.


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