Mackenzie Johnson, aka MAKJ, is a DJ, producer, former professional race car driver, and also might just be the best DJ you've never heard of. However, judging by his insane tour schedule and the new music he's got coming out on what seems to be a daily basis, Mackenzie is looking to change the latter half of that sentence - and fast. But instead of going through the same song and dance of telling you what we think about MAKJ's music, we figured that we'd let him speak for himself.

So Mack, over the course of the last year or so we’ve gotten to see your career explode – what do you attribute that to?
Hard work and dedication, I can’t remember the day I wasn't in the studio for more than 10 hours. I mean right now I just got off the plane from Seattle and walked right into my studio and finished a track. It's the small things that keep my motivation and progress excelling.

Obviously the work you’ve done with Hardwell is a big piece of this momentum, and now you’ve got a new track coming out with him really soon – can you give us any insight or previews into this?
Well, the rumors are true: I do have a collaboration coming out with Hardwell very soon. It is a very aggressive track that is what I like to call "UN BOOTLEG-ABLE." Three different drops, vocals, and it’s short for all those club DJs. Coming from the days I was playing hip-hop I never played a track for more than two minutes, I still keep true to that rule when I DJ. Everyone has ADD in clubs, so I use that same motto in my productions.

We heard you’ve also got a big remix dropping on Juicy Music on Monday.
Yes, very excited about this one. Been playing my remix of "Robbie Rivera's & Federico Scavo's track "Jump" every weekend in the clubs and it works really well. Has a very distinct MAKJ sound and can't wait for my fans to get a hold of this one!

You’ve had a lot of big shows lately – any specific venues that stand out? Besides Avalon, of course.
Plum Lounge in El Paso. Most unreal fan experience ever. I'll keep it real short for this one, people know how to fucking party in El Paso.

Anything big we can expect to see from you over the course of the next year? Is there anyone you'd like to collaborate with?
Just finished a track with Lil Jon and now finishing a track with Nicky Romero. So very excited for the next couple of months!


Check out MAKJ's extensive SoundCloud for more and make sure to hit up his Facebook and grab a free download of the recently released remix of Sound of Stereo's "Zipper!"

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