Key Song: Foundation 7 "Compredator"

Foundation 7's 1992 12 inch "Compredator" is a piece of obscure hip-hop arcana that has been prized, largely due to that obscurity. It wasn't an important record, and its MC—who went by the name Supreme Takim (yes, Takim)—sounds very similar to Rakim, obviously one of the most significant rappers in hip-hop history. Absurdly, this record has gone for upwards of $285 in auctions, due to the strange cult of record sellers who prize rarity in a certain period in hip-hop history. Surprisingly enough, Supreme Takim popped up on the discogs page for his first single to leave a comment back in 2011: "Peace. This is the God Supreme Takim Allah. Thank you from my infinite soul for keeping my first single running strong through out these circa 20 years. Steve-O would of been amazed, heart-warmed, and deeply touched by this as I am. Thank you all in Germany and in the UK and wee who ever else enjoyed our music. L.E.S. to the death of me. Forever yours, The God Supreme Takim. . .Foundation 7." —David Drake