Key Song: Freestyle Fellowship "Mary"

The conflict over the murky origins of double-time rap styles would require quite the road map: Twista, Psychodrama, Das EFX, Fu Schnickens, Bone Thugs, Three 6 Mafia (and associate Koopsta Knicca), Crucial Conflict, Freestyle Fellowship, Jaz-O and the Originators, all became either embroiled in diss tracks, or were the subject of years of online message board dissections to prove the true origins of the double-time rap styles that all seemed to emerge in the mid-1990s across the country. Freestyle Fellowship's claim about Bone Thugs, in particular, is most convincing on "Mary," a track that appeard on their 1993 album Innercity Griots. But then again: much like hip-hop's current fascination with autotune, it seems entirely possible that Bone Thugs real inspiration was Jamaican in origin, based on other evidence. —David Drake